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RiFF RAFF Fanzine (Originals)

  • RiFF RAFF Fanzine (Originals)

NOTE: Only FIVE original prints of this fanzine is available. Additional copies will not be made and these are the only versions that exists.

This 4 sided flexagon zine is perfect for super fans of the rapper RiFF RAFF. Whether you love his music or recognize him from the hood ol' vine days, this fanzine is perfect for you!

Measuring 5x5 inches and made entirely of 65 lb cardstock paper, this three-dimensional figure has various sides that are constructed from a folded sheet of paper in such a way that these different sides are exposed when the figure is flexed along its folds. Your original could be added to your zine collection, or even used as a paper fidget toy -- it's entirely up to you!

Please be aware that this zine is somewhat fragile due to its handmade nature (especially since it's made of paper, although thick cardstock). Be very gentle when using this flexagon and mindful that it is not water or tear proof. Take good care of it :)